Silvertip Badger Shaving Brushes are my favourite…

There are many different styles of shaving brushes ranges from a few pounds to over £600!

We stock badger shaving bushes, black badger shaving brushes, boar bristle shaving brushes, synthetic shaving brushes, horses tail shaving brushes but my favourite is the Silvertip badger shaving brush.

The reason for this is the lather it creates… fine hairs and even finer hooks on the Silvertop badger hair make for a smooth, creamy lather that applies beautifully, making for a more enjoyable shave.

While we have a few shaving brushes in the online shop, I carry a much greater range in the shop… come in and see us on Church Street…


If you are buying for Christmas we have Vouchers the perfect stocking filler which can be spent on hair cuts, shaves and grooming products in store… why not put it towards a nice Silvertop badger hair shaving brush 😉

And as well as our normal retail opening hours we will also be open till 8pm on Friday 2nd, then Thursday 8th, 15th and 22nd of December if you are too busy during the day to pop in.

Thank you.

Phil Weaver
0781 792 6624

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