Hair & Beard Trim in Sidmouth

Phil Weaver must be the most popular barber in Sidmouth, it was not stop this morning…

I’d called in early to snap a few pictures and shoot some short videos of Phil talking products… start with a nice 60 second welcome video, followed by a couple of products had been the plan… best laid plans and all that!

Thankfully we got the above of Dave who’d been in before and enjoyed the experience so much that he walked back in, 5th customer of the day and it wasn’t even time for 11’s


Talking about 11… #lestweforget this has to be the biggest poppy I’ve ever seen!


First customer needed a little help with recent transplant… didn’t catch his name but he’d been a falconer at Windsor Castle once upon a time… probably called Dave, the other two we took photos of were 😉


There was Dave who told us a few fairy tales about New York before moving on to Russian army battles via another favourite city of his Istanbul… he struck a pose before…


And after with Phil before setting off for the Post Office… which had been his errand but he couldn’t resist popping in to get a tidy up before the weekend… what a character!


Followed by another chap and a nipper… never seen Phil work so fast… only a fool breaks the 8 minute rule with a pre-school child as any parent will understand 😉 Then in strolled our perfect photo / video opportunity to make up for all the mornings missed footage…


Dave had popped in for a hair and beard trim… hallelujah… linking in nicely with Leonard Cohen which got our first Dave talking about New York… he was happy for us to capture his thoughts to camera… thank you Dave for your kind words and permission to share them with the world.

Do take the time to watch, it’s only short and it will give you a topics to talk to Phil about when you pop in… what might they be… watch the video!

Thank you.

Phil Weaver
0781 792 6624

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