Cut Throat Shaving hits the bulls eye for local Chef

Anton, DJ Chef at The Black Horse, Sidmouth called in for a nice refreshing cut throat shave to get the New Year off on the right note 😉

Anton likes to pop in for a regular cut throat shave because he loves the whole process and argues quite rightly that he’s worth it!


Starting with a beard trim to get rid of the bulk.


It’s then time to relax and await the pre-shave cream…


Which when combined with the hot towel allows your hair follicles to rise, the antiseptic to clean the dead skin and the aromatherapy oils to ensure a most relaxing start to your shave experience.


Time for the shaving cream to be applied for the 1st of 2 shaves…


There’s that cut throat razor … stand well back 😉


Keep those pinkies out the way!


Only a small surcharge for a nose job 😉


Shaving oil applied to enhance the cut throat blades performance for the 2nd shave… also helps hydrate the skin post first shave.


Time for the 2nd shave…


Cool towel applied to seal up the pores and fluff up the skin.


A little face massage and hey presto, the shave is done…


How was that for you Sir?

Thank you.


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