smooth as a babies bum jon davey

Nicely clean shaven for video shoot…

I needed to look my best for the video… so obviously there was only one bloke that came to mind… Phil Weaver 😉

I’ve done a bunch of videos over the years and they seem to come out far better when there’s a professional on the end of the camera rather than my chunky fingers & thumbs! So I grabbed this opportunity…

jon davey bitpod

But first I needed to look my best…

cut throat shaving jon davey in chair

Morning of the evening shoot and my shirt’s ironed and ready… to shave or not to shave, that is the question, for it’s probably nobler to let a professional cut throat barber do his best, don’t want to get a skin rash just hours before! Texted my man Phil Weaver, the cut throat barber in Sidmouth, could he fit me in at 2pm… “Come on down…” came the reply… you try 0781 792 6624

smooth as a baby's bum jon davey

Smooth as a baby’s bum comes to mind but European law means we have to be inclusive, almost as shiny as a baboon’s freshly rinsed rear end 😉

Phil knows how to get close and remove all that muck & grime as well as the bristles… perfect job… just needed to get those words in the right order on the video now!

What do you think?

Thank you.

07717 820823

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