marc kilsbie in the chair stare

Who are the Most Famous Bearded Blokes in East Devon?

Friday I popped in to see Phil and discuss ways of getting the word out about our Sidmouth Folk Festival Beard Competition…

marc kilsbie in the chair beard twirl

Councillor Beardy McBeardie Face aka Marc Kilsbie was in the chair having his hair removed and most of his beard exited stage left… “When is the competition?”, he asked enquiringly.

“Folk Week” we replied in unison…

“How’s it work?” he quizzed…

Good question, glad you asked, it is very simple… you pop in to see Phil during folk week… you don’t even need to sit in the chair… he snaps a picture of you and your beard and then we share it here on the website, Instagram & Facebook… you then share these posts with your chums and get them to vote like crazy… like, Like, LIKE 😉


The geezer with the most likes at the end of the week is the winner… HAPPY DAYS!

See more details here >>>

flo and us sidmouth

So Marc from Flo and Us is one current famous bearded face around town… do you know of others in Sidmouth and across East Devon past, present and future?


Share a picture with Phil on Instagram or on Twitter @ex10sidvalley will get to me…

Post on Phil’s Facebook page or add a name with links to other web sources below…


Thank you.

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