dog's funeral procession

Every DOG has his day…

When Phil mentioned having a New Orleans’s style funeral for his old mate Dog I just had to come along and enjoy the spectacle…

Dog was obviously very much loved by his pals and most anyone he met on his life journey judging by the turn out and what folk were saying about him. Never met him myself, just moved to town last year and have got to know Phil by hanging out regular in his barber shop and working with him on this ‘ere website.

I’m not going to adlib too much, this is Dog’s day and so I’ll simply load up a few videos and photos and Phil will get me to tweak the words later… thank you… enjoy…

And if you hear music coming from the Rugby Club late into the early hours, or singing along the Esplanade as you rise for the morning shift, don’t be surprised, give thanks and join the party…

It started with a Dog parade through the streets of Sidmouth… well he wasn’t allowed on the beach 😉

These videos of mates talking are in a muddled order to the reality of the day…

Thank you and I hope for such a great send of when my time comes…

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