Growing Beard for 12 months for Charity

“Hairy Styles” is growing his beard for 12 months for Charity

I know what you’re thinking… how the chuff can I make a living if my customers only shave once a year?

But hey, looking at the photos perhaps a once a year shave is too much for some people 😉

Sidmouth’s very own Hairy Styles decided on seeing our Beard Competition last month that he’d invert the theme and get all clean shaven and then grow his beard for 12 months and send me regular photos of the growth so we can track it, while raising money for a local charity.

Well best laid plans, we’re a month in or more and only have the two photos but hey, that’ll soon be rectified next time he wanders in to say hello, I’ll snap the Hairy one in all his glory. Unless of course, you see him first, do snap a pic and share on Facebook or Instagram, tarr.

I’ve got a charity collection tub which is now ready for any spare change you might have so please pop in as you’re passing the barbers shop and bung a few pence in…


Last year’s charities were Wheelers, Oxfam amd Greenpeace and we raised £250 and I’d like to double that this year for Sidmouth Inshore Rescue if we can 😉


I work most mornings / early afternoons but I do like to close around 3pm and enjoy a nice afternoon tea & cakes with the Mrs before she goes out to the pub for the evening… it’s OK she does leave me the remote so I can watch what I like on TV!

Go choose your favourite shaving products here >>>

Do pop in if you’d like to discuss anything to do with shaving or hair care and if I don’t know the answer I will find out for you.

Thank you.

0781 792 6624

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