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Phil’s Captain Fawcett’s product videos “Just the ticket” ;)

When you talk to marketing folk they talk about the “voice of the brand” and Captain Fawcett’s voice is simply splendid… harkening back to a time when Queen Victoria, as a young girl, was playing happily in the streets of Sidmouth and “Intrepid English Explorers” were expanding the horizons.


Today’s mission, after waiting 90 minutes for pesky customer to get out the way, (he’s getting so popular), was to capture a few frames to celluloid for posterity and to encourage Google’s hungry spiders over for a virtual meal of Captain Fawcett’s finest range of shaving products and accessories, used by bearded blokes the world over with no prejudice for gentlemen, Intrepid Explorers or your salt of the earth laymen, should any be feeling a little too hairy!

Google doesn’t tell us how it works but it’s logical that they are looking for unique content on a product as those searching for Captain Fawcett’s products don’t necessarily want to see a whole bunch of sites looking the same… they want a unique experience, they are a valued & discerning sort after all said and done, expecting, rightly so, the best service… we have to deliver so they come back again and again to purchase their shaving and grooming products from CT Shave Shop.

Made sense to test things out and measure what may or may not work for our mission to make sure every bearded bloke on the planet knows of Phil Weaver’s CT Shave Shop 😉

So we shot the following videos and then loaded them up to the relevant web pages, using the product video on all 15 pages plus the Captain Fawcett’s category page… I’ve loaded the videos below for viewing pleasure and added the links to the buy page, just in case you’re in need of some retail therapy but also for Google’s spiders so they pop by and hopefully re-index the pages, seeing the fresh new content as highly sought after and boosting the page rankings accordingly… only time will tell.


CAPTAIN FAWCETT’S Post Shave Balm Tube

CAPTAIN FAWCETT’S Best Badger Shaving Brush

CAPTAIN FAWCETT’S Accessories Tube Key

CAPTAIN FAWCETT’S Mach 3 Razor in Leather



Thanks for stopping by and if you need a shave or haircut or indeed shaving / grooming products then do stop by the barber shop if you’re local or online now if you’re in the mood.

Thank you.


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