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What blends a Cuban vibe, Bluetooth, the 1930s and a mighty fine hair cut, beard trim or shave?

ct shave shop phil weaver

The ALL NEW rejuvenated Phil “Che” Weaver’s CT Shave Shop on Church Street, Sidmouth that’s what!


Phil has just given his barber shop a makeover with a little help from his friends… re-designed… re-wired… re-plumbed… re-plastered… re-painted, teal is well in this summer… and rejuvenated with some Bluetooth sounds…

ct shaved shop blue tooth 1930s radio

Plug your sounds in via Bluetooth to Phil’s 1930’s ghetto blaster that used to belong to grand pa Guevara… make it your place while you’re in the VIP hot seat 😉

ct shave shop first hair do in new shop

I had the honour, ne privilege of being first in the chair after Phil’s 3 week makeover and he’s certainly not lost his touch… I was getting a bit too hairy and my summer grade 2 on the sides feels great! Would have had a shave too had time allowed…

ct shave shop retail emporium

CT Shave Shop is becoming a fair old retail emporium for all things beard, moustache and shaving related… starting with a razor, cut throat or something a little safer… metal, bone or a nice wooden handle? Pre-shave creams if you’re going all in or move to the main course with shave creams or gels applied with a nice badger shaving brush? Will it be aftershave or cologne for you sir / madam… choose from a range of brands to fit all wallets… Agua de Colonia, American Crew, Bluebeards Revenge, Captain Fawcetts, Dark Stag, Omega, Proraso, St James of London, Taylors of Old Bond Street, Truefitt and Hill… you decide…

ct shave shop picture wall

Pop in for a spot of retail therapy or just pull up a chair and enjoy the vibe while you wait for the barbering master that is Phil Weaver… what will you enjoy today? Hair cut, beard trim or a shave… OR you could always go mad and treat yourself to a full rejuvenation 😉

Thank you.


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