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What’s the difference between Cologne and Aftershave?

Sometimes, when you catch Phil off guard his obvious abundance of wisdom shines through 😉 What’s the difference between Cologne and Aftershave?

Here we were talking about the TABAC range of grooming products and Phil mentioned cologne and aftershave… then I asked a great question… watch what happens next…

Without losing a stride, his brain kicked in and his wisdom came forth, what a guy!

TABAC was big in the 70’s ask your dad or granddad 😉

Range of products, shave stick and refill, ceramic shaving bowl and refill, shave cream tube, shave balm, eau de cologne and after shave lotion.

What’s the difference between cologne and aftershave? Essentially, cologne has more scent and you wear on your clothes rather than your body… you learn something new every day!

Those new TABAC products we listed… go take a look… better still, buy one or two of the 183 items now listed on the website…

You could always try out a couple of colognes…


Thank you.


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