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What’s the difference between Cologne and Aftershave?

Sometimes, when you catch Phil off guard his obvious abundance of wisdom shines through 😉 What’s the difference between Cologne and Aftershave?

Here we were talking about the TABAC range of grooming products and Phil mentioned cologne and aftershave… then I asked a great question… watch what happens next…
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What blends a Cuban vibe, Bluetooth, the 1930s and a mighty fine hair cut, beard trim or shave?

ct shave shop phil weaver

The ALL NEW rejuvenated Phil “Che” Weaver’s CT Shave Shop on Church Street, Sidmouth that’s what!


Phil has just given his barber shop a makeover with a little help from his friends… re-designed… re-wired… re-plumbed… re-plastered… re-painted, teal is well in this summer… and rejuvenated with some Bluetooth sounds… Continue reading What blends a Cuban vibe, Bluetooth, the 1930s and a mighty fine hair cut, beard trim or shave?

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Looking for a Relaxing Wet Shave Experience?

CT Shave Shop refurbishment

When Phil opened The Barber Shop on Church Street two years ago he wasn’t sure if Sidmouth was ready for a wet shave experience …

“Well, I am pleased to say that Sidmouth have really taken the wet shave concept to heart and Friday’s and Saturday’s are very busy with appointments… people want to look their best for that special night out!”

There is a demand, so time for CT Shave Shop to get a refurb… Phil explains how the layout will change… but what colour to paint it?

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Cologne Testers – Try our colognes and double your money!

cologne testers

Choose from our range of cologne testers 1.5ml vials. Each order comes with a £5 voucher to spend on any of our product range (bar other cologne testers!)

Truefitt and Hill Freshman, Spanish Leather, 1805, Clubman, Grafton, Aspley, Sandalwood, Trafalgar and West Indian colognes.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermy Street, Sandalwood, Gentlemans and Eton College colognes.

Agua de Colonia Concentrated Eau de and Barberia Eau de Colognes.

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Have thought for your dear old barber…

ct shave ecommerce shop quality shaving products

Have thought for your dear old barber,
as you sit upon his chair,
whilst you discuss the latest fashion,
with a man who has no hair.

He is your chosen confessor,
your confidante,
your friend.

He will help you with relationships,
that broken heart to mend.

He will discuss almost anything,
and rationalise your views,
on sex even religion or just the latest news.

It matters much to him to be,
impartial and discrete,
whist cutting your hair,
it falling at his feet.

And when he’s sure the cut is done,
and you have that latest style,
he hopes that you will leave his shop,
with a better haircut and a bigger smile.

Phil the Barber

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Phil’s Captain Fawcett’s product videos “Just the ticket” ;)

When you talk to marketing folk they talk about the “voice of the brand” and Captain Fawcett’s voice is simply splendid… harkening back to a time when Queen Victoria, as a young girl, was playing happily in the streets of Sidmouth and “Intrepid English Explorers” were expanding the horizons.


Today’s mission, after waiting 90 minutes for pesky customer to get out the way, (he’s getting so popular), was to capture a few frames to celluloid for posterity and to encourage Google’s hungry spiders over for a virtual meal of Captain Fawcett’s finest range of shaving products and accessories, used by bearded blokes the world over with no prejudice for gentlemen, Intrepid Explorers or your salt of the earth laymen, should any be feeling a little too hairy! Continue reading Phil’s Captain Fawcett’s product videos “Just the ticket” 😉

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I dreamt I danced with Mother Nature,
And whilst we danced she sung,
Of times past when the earth was young,
When the air was sweet and full of life,
And the waters were as pure as a mountain stream,

I dreamt I danced with Mother Nature,
Then she whispered me her fears,
All the time her tired eyes were welling up with tears,
She quietly spoke of the smog and choke
Of her lungs burning and the increasing smoke,
Of her seas filling with the waste from a virus she calls man,
Of her stars obscured from view, by unnatural light
and the fever she is feeling, hotter by the day,

I dreamt I danced with Mother Nature,
And whilst we danced she told me
how when she was young (not a care for her world)
But now she fears she has grown too old,
Her skin is pitted with the workings of man,
many of her species just dust in the pan,

I dream I dance with Mother nature,
And in my arms she died,
I dream I dance with mother Nature,
And now all my wake I cry.

Phil Weaver 25/12/2011

Photo by Rui Miguel Pedrosa on Unsplash

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SidFestBEARD Competition WINNER 2017

sidfestbeard competition entries 2017

In our inaugural Sidmouth Folk Festival Beard Competition, sponsored by Blue Beards Revenge, we had a Brexit pleasing “dozen” entries…

Contenders came from far and wide across the nation and there could well have been a couple of international entries with the fine aroma of herbs and spices that filled the air this year.
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Every DOG has his day…

dog's funeral procession

When Phil mentioned having a New Orleans’s style funeral for his old mate Dog I just had to come along and enjoy the spectacle…

Dog was obviously very much loved by his pals and most anyone he met on his life journey judging by the turn out and what folk were saying about him. Never met him myself, just moved to town last year and have got to know Phil by hanging out regular in his barber shop and working with him on this ‘ere website.
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You don’t need to have a trim to WIN ;)

sidmouth folk festival beard competition triple

sidfestbeard competition sidmouth folk week

OK Sid Valley, are you ready for the BIG Festival that’s coming your way?

Yes, you know the one, SIDMOUTH’S BEARD COMPETITION… get along and get your photo taken during folk week…

You don’t need to have a trim to WIN 😉


Just pop in, photo taken and get your mates to like, share, like, love, comment, share, like on social media… the winner is the one who makes the most noise… sound like you or a pal?

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Who are the Most Famous Bearded Blokes in East Devon?

marc kilsbie in the chair stare

Friday I popped in to see Phil and discuss ways of getting the word out about our Sidmouth Folk Festival Beard Competition…

marc kilsbie in the chair beard twirl

Councillor Beardy McBeardie Face aka Marc Kilsbie was in the chair having his hair removed and most of his beard exited stage left… “When is the competition?”, he asked enquiringly.

“Folk Week” we replied in unison…

“How’s it work?” he quizzed…

Good question, glad you asked, it is very simple… you pop in to see Phil during folk week… you don’t even need to sit in the chair… he snaps a picture of you and your beard and then we share it here on the website, Instagram & Facebook… you then share these posts with your chums and get them to vote like crazy… like, Like, LIKE 😉


The geezer with the most likes at the end of the week is the winner… HAPPY DAYS!

See more details here >>>

flo and us sidmouth

So Marc from Flo and Us is one current famous bearded face around town… do you know of others in Sidmouth and across East Devon past, present and future?


Share a picture with Phil on Instagram or on Twitter @ex10sidvalley will get to me…

Post on Phil’s Facebook page or add a name with links to other web sources below…


Thank you.

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Step Five of Five Steps to a Perfect Shave and Healthy Skin

Most important that your aftershave and colognes DON’T contain alcohol

The alcohol dries the skin out and causes potential damage, ruining all that good work you’ve just done!

If you really must, it is essential that you moisturise first to protect the skin otherwise the alcohol will dry the skin, making it flakey!

Go choose your favourite shaving products here >>>

Do pop in if you’d like to discuss anything to do with shaving or hair care and if I don’t know the answer I will find out for you.

Thank you.

0781 792 6624