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Barbury Grey ~ Pure Bager Shaving Brushes

Barbury Grey ~ Pure Bager Shaving Brushes

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The Barburys Grey Shaving Brush is a high quality traditional shaving brush made with real badger hair. It comes in a choice of 3 attractive handles.

Badger hair is renowned as a brilliant material for shaving brush bristles as it's 100% natural and is flexible and absorbent. This means it creates a superb lather and offers a great wet shave experience for your customers.

Choose from this wonderful range of handles:

  • Horn—two-tone with an hourglass shape;
  • Olive—natural light wood and an elegant turned shape;
  • Walnut—dark wood with a slightly sculpted shape.
  • Bamboo- Stripped Bamboo Handle Cylindrical in shape

Bristle diameter: 21 mm

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