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Gift Tokens

Gift Tokens

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We offer gift tokens for our Shaving and Grooming Services which can also be used for any products avaliable in the shop.

The tokens can be redeemed for up to a year after purchase or longer by arangement.

Most Tokens are bought for the value of the services provided so thes are listed below

Standard Shave £22.00~  Pre Shave Cream , Hot Towel , Cutthroat Shave, Second Shave, Oil Shave, , Cold Towel, Post Shave Balm.  Ear eyebrow and Neck Hair . Man-Pering !!!

Deluxe Shave  £32.00~ As Standard Shave but includes extra ~ Face Scrub, Thermal Mask, Second Hot Towel , Chose of Cologne. Full on Man-Pering !!!

Retired Persons Treatment £26.00~ Hair Cut, and Shave (Safety Razor)  with pre Shave Cream and Hot Towel, Post Shave Balm,  Ear N ose and Eyebrow hairs, . The Works !!!

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