Sidmouth Lifeboat Charity of the Year

Phil Weaver has lived in and around Sidmouth all his life and respects the power of the sea and so has chosen Sidmouth Lifeboat as his charity for the year.

phil weaver lifeboat collection

Phil tells a great story that demonstrates this…

20 years ago Phil had a small fishing boat he enjoyed launching from The Ham and bobbing about on the water.

Following a fun day out fishing he left his boat on the beach overnight and the next day a storm was brewing. After work he headed down to the beach with a pal to bring his boat back onto The Ham. The waves were very strong, crashing against his boat and filling it full of water… no sooner had they emptied the boat and another wave would come bringing with it gallons of water and a barrel load of pebbles, each one offering a boozing punch!

For 20 minutes they tried but failed to find a manual solution to the problem of getting the boat up the beach to safety… then they had an idea, get the Land Rover in position and tie the boat to the front so it can be tilted, water and pebbles emptied and towed safely up the beach.

It worked, the boat on The Ham, they went home to soothe their bruised bodies…

fishing boats

Two weeks later there was another storm and Phil tied his boat to the railings with a secure chain… the next day he returned to find the boat had gone, all but the chain and the first, last six inches of fibre glass…

I laughed, Phil still can’t!

lifeboat team

“The inshore lifeboat does a great job and has to rely in the generosity of local residents to stay afloat, this year I’m going to do my bit and raise a few hundred pounds… do pop into the barbers on Church Street and drop a quid in the box… thank you.” Phil Weaver, Barber