Step One of Five Steps to a Perfect Shave and Healthy Skin

Phil Weaver, Cut throat barber, recommends exfoliating twice a week for the perfect shave and healthier skin.

Use a face scrub with a wheat germ or walnut germ component for the best results.

At other times use a alcohol or sulphate free soap to keep your skin in top shape.

Shaving with a dirty face can cause razor rash and black heads… you don’t want that!

Keep the pores clean and open for healthier skin…

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I found this a little amusing… when you Google “exfoliate” then it gives you:

• cause (a surface) to shed material in scales or layers. “salt solutions exfoliate rocks on evaporating”

• wash or rub (a part of the body) with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells. “exfoliate your legs to get rid of dead skin”

Obviously the first is for the elite and Royals if David Icke is to be believed, the later for the rest of us mortals 😉

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Thank you.

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